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According to Sibley it is. Apparently there was a "non-local" that flew past Toronto in May of 2016. So maybe next time...


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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] same stuff  9-8-17 late day, Seaway Slip. Yesterday there were ~10 Bony (ad & im) w/the Ring Bills on the grass. 1st of the fall of any # for me anyway -20 Semi PloverSue's Whimbrel - in the green grassy area between Fuhrmann & dilapidated "Outer Harbor Drive" ~1/2 way towards Bell Slip. Has anyone determined it to be the "local" race? 2 Sanderling - out on wall.7 Semi1 Baird's1 W Rump1 Mink - out on wall as well as 1 at the end of the cabled portion of Bird Island Pier on 9-5. They can easily be squeaked in. Try it but be careful!! Times Beach - others had more -2 Palm Warbler1 Magnolia1b Tanager1 Swainson's  <Peterhenyoe131...>  _______________________________________________
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