Date: 9/9/17 1:22 pm
From: Marc Ribaudo via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Leesylvania SP migrants
The Northern Virginia Bird Club visited Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge this morning.  The 20 attendees enjoyed great weather and decent birding at the start, but things really quieted down after about 2 hours.  As we assembled in the parking lot warblers were in the trees, including a gorgeous blackburnian, Cape May, and black-and-white warblers and yellow-billed cuckoo.  A walk through the picnic area yielded chestnut-sided, black-throated blue, and palm warblers, scarlet tanager, more cuckoo's, lots of bluebirds and a spotted sandpiper on the beach.  Freestone Point had prothonotary, Cape May, black-throated green, and bay-breasted warblers, redstart, house wren, and great-crested flycatcher.  The hillside at the ruins added Canada and magnolia warblers and Acadian flycatcher.  Along Powell's Creek we had Caspian and Forster's terns and Traill's type flycatcher.  Other birds picked up at various spots included red-headed woodpecker, northern parula, and yellow-throated vireo.  We tallied 68 species in all, including 14 warblers.

On my way out of the park I made a short stop at the Powell's creek trail parking lot and with Kurt Gaskill found least flycatcher and a blue-winged warbler.

Marc Ribaudo

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