Date: 9/9/17 9:07 am
From: Bird observations from western New York <geneseebirds-l...>
Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Possible Connecticut Warbler Friday, 9-8-17
Sorry for the late posting. I had possible Connecticut Warbler (Mourning
is another possibility) in Forest Lawn yesterday afternoon around 1:00 pm.
Warbler with dull back and yellow belly - low to the ground - I was able to
see it for perhaps 3 second at most.

The bird was at the top of Warbler Ridge - I only had a few minutes to bird
while on my lunch break, so was unable to relocate.

I did have the following warblers:

1 Black-and-White
1 Bay-breasted
1 Magnolia
1 Canada

Joe Fell

Buffalo, NY

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