Date: 9/8/17 5:02 pm
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Nash Vandemark turf--nothing rare, 15-30 peep
6 to 7:15 P. 30 Crows at start, 6 at end; 7 Killdeer to start, 50 at end (heard to arrive).

Re yesterday's 6 in and out: a Buff Breast was seen in mts of Virginia yesterday; maybe peak migration time, with marked cooling and northwest winds. Surely some observers have seen migrant shorebirds drop in and leave turf farms, perhaps after running about to see if there is much food available (and finding little).

Yesterday's possible Uppie was a meadowlark, today much closer and walking in open cut grass; too dark and "rufous", among other things.

15-30 peep, including some Least S. Walking near Gate B, around second or third sets of wheels of center pivot irrigation. Along with some 20 H. Larks, usually at edges of fields, lines of tall dead or green grass, possibly in wheel ruts. Peep seemed fairly active, sometimes fly-hopping along a bit. Some as close as 200-300' from road. Why might there not be scores more, far from road, where similar vegetation can be seen?

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC

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