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> Subject: [CALBIRDS] RED-FOOTED BOOBY at Border Field SP beach, San Diego
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> Juli Chamberlin and i birded at Border Field State Park beach in San Diego today from about 9am to noon. At a little after 10am, while standing a few hundred meters north of the border fence scoping the water, Juli had a sulid flying about 100 meters from shore move directly into her scope view. She got me on it immediately and we could see it had a white head with just a hint of buffy color, completely white body, tail, and upperwing coverts, black primaries and secondaries, a noticeably bluish-gray bill, and no black on the face at all. The bird flew with its wings in a swept-back position, and Juli was even able to observe a black oval-shaped patch on the outer portion of the underwing coverts. This combination of field marks led us to a positive ID of RED-FOOTED BOOBY, eliminating all other expected (and unexpected) sulid species.
> We watched the bird for several minutes as it gradually flew northward and further out in the ocean toward Point Loma. Unfortunately, we were unable to get any photos, as we were too busy observing it and gathering field marks through our scope and binoculars. A couple Brown Boobies were foraging in the area, as well. Also, one Pacific Golden-Plover was with one of the several flocks of Black-bellied Plovers.
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