Date: 9/8/17 12:13 pm
From: <elizabethreinhard93...> <elizabethreinhard93...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Birds in Paulding Co.
Hi,I went for a walk at the Black Swamp Nature Center today and here is the list of birds that I saw.
Eastern Wood Pee-wee 4Eastern Phoebe 6Blue-gray gnatcatcher 6Downy woodpecker 10Red bellied woodpecker 2Blue Jay 2Belted Kingfisher 3Northern flicker 5Northern Cardinal 16Carolina Wren 10Gray catbird 12Wood thrush 6Ovenbird 4Cedar waxwing 4Barn swallow 2Warbling vireo 8Philadelphia vireo 1Red eyed vireo 2American Redstart 4Cape May warbler 8Canada warbler 4Golden winged warbler 2Wild turkey 14
Jonathan Reinhard

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