Date: 9/8/17 11:23 am
From: Paul Saffold <pesaffold...>
Subject: Inwood yard birds
A lovely morning on the deck today.

magnolia w
worm eating w
redstart (f)
blackburnian w.
Black-throated green w.
yesterday we had a female Wilson’s warbler

red-eyed v.
c. waxwing (1)
peewee (several)
g.c. flycatcher
brown thrasher
r-t hummingbird (numerous)
downy wp
red-bellied wp
cooper’s h. (juv)
scarlet tanager (F)
bluebirds, busy feeding 3 nestlings

Pictures posted of the Wilson’s and Worm eating on Mountain State Birders-WV on Facebook.

Paul Saffold
Berkeley Co.
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