Date: 9/7/17 5:54 pm
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Westerville,9-07:Peregrine,otherMigrants
I checked out a few areas in this suburb northeast of Columbus, stopping at Boyer Preserve, Inniswood Metropark, and Hoover Dam. The only stop in the morning was Boyer, where I was surprised by a roosting Peregrine on one of the snags west of the pond. Looked up and there it was, looking back down at me without the slightest bit of fear. This could be a regular roost, so it might pay to check the area again in the evening or morning.

I stopped at Inniswood and Hoover in the afternoon, when the blustery weather made birding more challenging. Still, there were wind-less areas, and they had decent flocks of migrants. The list included:

Raptors - Cooper's hawks were at both sites, and Hoover Dam had 2 Broad-winged hawks soaring over the spillway
Gulls - the Hoover Dam flock had risen to 140+ Ring-bills, but little was with them save for 1 Herring Gull
Swifts - the wind was no problem for these guys. Inniswood had 50+ soaring over the woods, while Hoover Dam had 35-40.
Flycatchers - 4+ Pewees at Inniswood, while Hoover Dam had only 2 E.Phoebes
Vireos - only a few Red-eyed were at Hoover, in the riparian woods around the spillway
Swallows - still 5-6 Barns and 1 Rough-winged Swallow hanging around Hoover Dam
Thrushes - Swainson's were scarce, but still had singles at Boyer and Inniswood
Warblers - scarce. Inniswood had only Chesnut-sided, Tennessee, & Redstart, while the Hoover spillway had Magnolia, Redstart, Blackburnian, & 3 Blackpolls


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