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I don't have all the details straight but as I recall there was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo seen and photographed at the mouth of Owl Canyon in late October 2015, I think it was on the 24th or 25th, then seen again October 31 and November 1 of that year. I don't recall that it was heard vocalizing. It kept mostly out of sight in the thick vegetation.

The call I heard once yesterday (noted in my post of yesterday evening) was the "kuk-kuk-kuk" call I associate with the opening phrase of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo "song."

Gene Hunn
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Greetings All,
Yesterday Lucas and I heard the start of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo's call near the top of Owl Canyon. We did not hear the song, but the call which was repeated 8-10 times. I've heard both Cuckoos back east and am quite familiar with their calls. Colin thought he may have heard the song of a Black-billed earlier that is similar to a least bittern, but the call notes we heard were distinctly Yellow-billed. The BBCu call is lower and for lack of a better description more trilled. This would be an exceedingly rare find. What we heard was the C-C-C-C start of the Yellow-billed. We've confirmed that it is quite normal for the YBCu to give just the beginning of their call which is what we heard. Brook & Orion O'Connor joined us and tried to get a recording but the call was fairly fair by that time. Unfortunately the bird wouldn't show itself. Hopefully others can visit the Canyon today and have better luck spotting the bird. Good luck!

Happy Birding
Mark Stephenson
Napa, CA

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