Date: 9/6/17 8:50 pm
From: Dika Golovatchoff <digolov...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Birding - East beach (end of Garden st. and Bird Refuge
This morning I spent a bit of time surveying the beach damage from Sunday's
flash storm from the Garden/Cabrillo parking lot. A juvenile Black-crowned
Night Heron was probing for fish and other aquatic animals in the shallow
water - coming quite close to me until a flock of Crows chased him away.
There were 8 Snowy Egrets, a Great Egret, six Long-billed Curlews, a
Whimbrel and two Marbled Godwits in the small area I surveyed. While there
were a good sampling of Western and Heermann's gulls there were none of the
Elegant Terns and Black Skimmers that I had been seeing often. Notable was
my meeting a couple from the east coast who were obviously birding.
Entering into conversation I learned that they were from Rochester, NY and
that this was indeed Barry Bermudas, who manages the "Birds of North
America" for the Cornell Ornithology lab.

From there I proceeded to the Bird Refuge where I met Joan Lentz in the
parking lot and George Roland appeared shortly thereafter, having just
surveyed the area from the 3rd viewing platform. I learned from him that
the dowitchers there were indeed the short-billed. He and Joan scoped a
couple of birds out at the island which they concluded were most likely
female Cinnamon Teal. The short walk to the 3rd viewing platform was very
rewarding for me as I got definitive views of 4 Short-billed Dowitchers -
which looked very different from the dowitchers I had seen a couple of
weeks ago. These had lost any remnant of breeding plumage. Also seen were
two Spotted Sandpipers, both Western and Least Sandpipers, a Greater
Yellowlegs, several Great-tailed Grackle juveniles who were begging, a Song
Sparrow, and a large number of Mallards - and I did not see any Northern
Shovelers. I counted 28 Black-necked Stilts a bit out in the water. The
water was an other worldly bluish green - and to me was quite beautiful. I
didn't detect any odor - but then my sense of smell is pretty poor.

Yesterday I went out to the Coronado seep and Newport area and I mention
this because of the construction and lane closures on Hollister ave. and
might suggest coming in from the north via Winchester Canyon. The seep was
quite rewarding with warbler activity including Wilson's, Common
Yellowthroat, and Orange-crowned. I did not find any rarities. The best
time for viewing there was 10:30 - 11 am. I did not find any birds around
the Newport entry to the butterfly reserve.

I have posted quite a few photos at
for anyone interested.

Dika Golovatchoff
​, Santa Barbara​

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