Date: 9/6/17 1:35 pm
From: Gmail <bhaunts...>
Subject: [wisb] Bay Beach walk and Cat Island
The fourth warbler walk was held this morning at Bay Beach Sanctuary. It was similar to the preceding three, with warblers and other migrants at a minimum, except for hawks! Two Merlins put on a great show, plus six Cooper's Hawks, 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk, Red-tailed Hawks, Turkey Vulture, etc. Also present was an adult Red-headed Woodpecker, 1 Philadelphia Vireo, 8 warbler species (I added two more in my yard this p.m. so finally hit 10 for the day), etc. 50+ species were tallied today, the "best" thus far on these walks.
Now the surprising (just in) and great news!!! Mike Reed was able this p.m. to get permission to have the third consecutive CAT ISLAND WALK after the sanctuary warbler walk!!! I am assuming it will occur as the previous two have but if there are changes we will hopefully learn them in the next few days. So plan on Sat., Sept 9 for the WSO Bay Beach Sanctuary walk beginning at 7:00, with the Cat Island walk several hours after that. Here is hoping both spots are hopping with birds!
Daryl Tessen
Appleton,, WI

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