Date: 9/6/17 11:36 am
From: Ricardo Garcia <ryi.mexi.kanz...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] golden-winged warbler among migrants at Cedar Bog - Champaign County, 9/6/17
Several species of warblers in small mixed flocks including:
black-throated blue (female)
*golden-winged* (female)
common yellowthroat

crested flycatcher
white-eyed and red-eyed vireos
blue-gray gnatcatchers
indigo bunting
rose-breasted grosbeak
Large flocks of robins (feeding on spicebush berries) mixed with a few
Swainson's thrushes, flickers and possibly gray-cheeked thrush.

Note: warblers, including the golden-winged were mostly along the western
boardwalk, West Branch of Cedar Run; golden-winged, TN and redstarts very
responsive to pishing.


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