Date: 9/6/17 6:43 am
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Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Clarion/Venango Sabine's Gull YES
We had a Sabine's at Bald Eagle in Centre county after Isabel.


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I assume most on this list get the one from pabirds, but just in case, here is a sweet bird I wish I had time to chase.

I saw pictures yesterday on facebook that was fantastic, reminds me of the wow factor of the white winged tern from a bit ago

will we get something special like this in central pa?

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Subject: [PABIRDS] Clarion/Venango Sabine's Gull YES
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The Sabine's Gull found by Jerry Stanley & Kathy Goodblood yesterday at
Kahle Lake on the border of Clarion & Venango counties is still present as
of 9:00 am this morning. Best views seem to be from the boat launch on the
Clarion county or southern side of the lake although the bird is actively
hunting most of the lake. Currently, there is some viewing issues with
dense fog limiting viewing distance. I expect the fog will dissipate as the
morning progresses.

Michael R Leahy
Knox, PA
Clarion, Co
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