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Subject: RE: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] La Jolla Cove, Sep 5: Buller's shearwater
Stan and all,

Hank Ingersoll and I looked for frigatebirds on the bay from Shelter Island
and Fort Rosecrans late this morning (5 Sep) and found none.

Geoff Rogers

San Diego

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Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] La Jolla Cove, Sep 5: Buller's shearwater

Went to the Cove from 930 to 11. There was a nice stream of black-vented
shearwaters going past. But they were circling around on the horizon and it
was very hard to tell just how many there were. Somewhere between 800 and
1500 or more. Also 11 pink-footed shearwaters and one Buller's shearwater,
my FOS, and one pome jaeger. No alcids, boobies or frigatebirds. No thresher

I see no reports from San Diego Harbor today. Did anyone go to look for the

Stan Walens
San Diego

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