Date: 9/5/17 5:28 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Off topic - natural phenomenon
On Saturday morning, 9/2/2017, Eric Clough and I were leading a field trip
for the Shorebird Festival at Cape Arago. It was cool, with the ocean
breeze, as we looked out off the lawn at the bluff. People were wearing
jackets. Down below we found a string of 25 Marbled Murrelets, mostly
black-and-white, but with a "chocolate auket" adult or two in the mix.

To the south we could see the big cloud of smoke of the Chetco Bar fire 80
miles away.

Then, as we stood there in the open outdoors, someone opened the oven door.
We were hit with a blast of HOT air that raised the temperature 10+ degrees.
Some participants said they could follow the advance of the front across the
water, seeing the heat wave distortion in the air.

It waxed and waned. We were alternately in the hot and in the sea breeze.
It followed us down the path to the north overlook.

Quite an experience. Later, inland it was just warm.

This morning I had ash from the gorge on my car in McMinnville.

Paul Sullivan

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