Date: 9/5/17 3:03 pm
From: Paul Peterson <petersonpaul63...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Three Marbled Godwits in Winthrop, etc.
Much to my astonishment, the Marbled Godwit I went to look for turned out to be THREE MARBLED GODWITS! The bird was said to roost on the rocks at high tide at Fisherman's Bend Park in Winthrop. This is at the dead-end of Winthrop St., but off to your left as you enter the park. So, I went down there this morning at high tide. As the glare from the sun was too bright, and the angle not good, I walked up nearby Washington Ave. to look between two houses opposite # 80 Washington Ave. These houses have their backs to the mixed-species shorebird roost. I had just binoculars. Imagine my surprise when I saw THREE MARBLED GODWITS! CAUTION: I don't think it is allowed to park at the entrance to Fisherman's Bend Park at the dead-end of Winthrop St. You will have to find a parking spot elsewhere, such as Lewis Lake.
The were a flock of four Blue-winged Teal at "The Key" in Revere, along with two STILT SANDPIPERS and a PECTORAL SANDPIPER.

Paul Peterson
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