Date: 9/5/17 8:14 am
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Braddock Bay East Spit-highlights and access update
Hi all,
While many folks have heard about some highlights at the east spit of Braddock Bay over the past week via other media, I don't think any highlights made it onto Geneseebirds.  Highlights include a RED KNOT I found on Wednesday 8/30.  The bird continued to be seen the following days and was reported to ebird as of yesterday.  I had 8 shorebird species there that day including BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS and RUDDY TURNSTONES.  Full list is here:
On Saturday, 9/2, Andy Guthrie found a WHIMBREL here, the continuing RED KNOT, and 2 BLACK TERNS.  Looking at recent reports, the WHIMBREL did not stick around but folks have continued to report the BLACK TERNS along with other shorebirds.  
The spit has been closed off since last year due to the construction of the new barrier beach at the mouth of the bay, and an emergent wetland near the existing cattail marsh.  Due to the high lake levels this year, construction was halted.  The spit was to officially open to the public on October 1, but I was notified that the crews will be opening the gate and taking down fencing in the next day or so.  Thus, the spit is now OPEN for public access. The habitat looks great for shorebirds, ducks, gulls etc. so this will be a great spot this fall!
Greg Lawrence
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