Date: 9/5/17 7:07 am
From: David Wilbur <djwilbur...>
Subject: Connecticut Warbler Peace Valley Bucks County
I got some advice from a birder in Massachusetts (Hi Tim!) who regularly
has success there with Connecticut Warbler in September by looking in
patches of ragweed. So, yesterday, I followed the Lake Trail to the Deer
Path Trail at Peace Valley Park nearby to where I live in Doylestown, Bucks
County. There is a triangle of ragweed, etc. at that junction next to the
lake. I pished and up popped a brown-hooded, large warbler with a distinct
eye ring. It's taken me 45 plus (God, I'm old) years to see one but I
never knew the September ragweed trick before this week.

Also on hand were some American Redstarts and Magnolia Warblers. In the
trees, not the weeds. Later that night, there was a Screech Owl calling up
a storm in my backyard. First time that has happened that I know of. So, a
nice day.

David Wilbur
Doylestown, Bucks County
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