Date: 9/5/17 5:33 am
From: William Majoros <william.majoros...>
Subject: good labor day birding at Few's Ford, Eno River State Park

I spent 2.5 hours in the open field area at Few's Ford, Eno River State Park, Durham, on Monday, and got excellent views of the following birds, mostly in the grassy area at the end of Fowler's Field:

Canada warbler
Chestnut-sided warbler
Northern parula
Common nighthawk
Yellow-throated warbler
Yellow-throated vireo
White-eyed vireo
Red-eyed vireo
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Black-and-white warbler
Summer tanager
Indigo bunting
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Rufous-sided towhee
American goldfinch
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Downy woodpecker
Hairy woodpecker
Cedar waxwing
Northern cardinal
Common yellowthroat
House finch
Eastern wood pewee

Bill Majoros
Durham, NC

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