Date: 9/4/17 8:37 pm
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Subject: [NBB] Bodega Bay Semi- rare stuff
I was at Hole in Head at Bodega Bay in the early am. before the heat and crowds got bad . Western migrant diversity was pretty good. Yellow Warblers led the show with scattered Wilson's Warblers and Common Yellowthroat. A Black-headed Grosbeak , Western Tanager , Willow Flycatcher , Western type Flycatcher and Warbling Vireos sweetened the pot.. All these birds were super busy feeding and on the move. Such as migrant passerines will be ...Here one one moment then gone the next.. I am sure the rising temps and east winds helped in that today. The two bonus birds were a female type Indigo Bunting and a male American Redstart . The INBU was at the southwest corner , What I saw - Warm cinnamon colored bunting with dark blue tail , faint streaks on breast. Small conical bill . Sharp dry chip heard. I saw the bird briefly then it took off toward the NW corner of Hole in the head. The Redstart was the first bird I saw in the morning. It was in the willow patch at the NE corner near the road leading up to Bodega Head,. It was super flitty and fanned its tail several times for about 5 mins, then it disappeared.

On the way out on I saw a hatch year Western Kingbird a few 100 yds east of the Bodega marine Lab.

I decided to get out of dodge as the heat was rising and lines of cars were massing in to Bodega Bay .
I headed up to the top of Bay Hill Road for some a chance at early hawk watching. Lisa Hug was up there ass well . We watched the skies for a bit up there at mid day, we did see a few local Red tails and few Violet Green Swallows but the big surprise was a Very early Prairie Falcon coursing southward . What we saw - Large Falcon with the gestalt of a Kestral - Long slender wings , Fairly long tail . light brown overall with light creamy white breast speckled breasts. head light colored and no helmet effect as Peregrine pocesses. Underwings lighter colored very obvious dark brown / black axillaries ( armpits). Pretty good day considering the heat , smoke and tourist filled holiday on the coast.

Best, Scott Carey, Sebastopol, Ca.
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