Date: 9/4/17 6:57 pm
From: john kendall <in-bird-l...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Michigan City and Miller Beach Parasitic Jaeger, Red-necked Phalaropes and ........Avocet
I checked the Kosciusko Shorebird Farm before heading to the lakefront.  A Peregrine and low water levels the past 2-3 days has hampered bird numbers.  A newcomer Short-billed Dowitcher and rainfall this afternoon gives me hope for this site. The 2 Baird's Sandpipers and Stilt Sandpipers were not present. 

I had a fly-by juvenile Parasitic Jaeger at Michigan City. 
At Miller Beach, the promised Avocet is waiting near the USX Breakwall, as I also had 2 Red-necked Phalaropes and kite surfers stirred up a large flock of Teal.  

Michigan City
Common Tern-38
Forster's Tern-8
Parasitic Jaeger-1 intermediate juv with brown plumage, warm nape barred under wing. 

Miller Beach -Lake St.  
Common Tern-18
Forster's Tern-3
Caspian Tern-1
Blue-winged Teal-170
Green-winged Teal-16
N. Shoveler-4
American Avocet-1  ubiquitous, I even walked almost to the breakwall for a photo. 
Semipalmated Sandpiper-3
RED-NECKED PHALAROPE-2 one flew west low and landed in surf towards breakwall.  Later, 2 birds flew back towards me and then left the lake southward. 
Black-bellied Plover-all 3 looked like alternate adults as they landed briefly to the west

John Kendall

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