Date: 9/4/17 5:56 pm
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Re: local parks birding
As Tom noted, Huntington Central Park was active with migrants today. Numbers were up from Sat/Sun. I spent 4 hours this morning and 2 hours this afternoon combing all over the park. Mostly expected western migrants with noteworthy concentrations in the Jack Green area, Loren's Ditch area, and Island area.

Many thanks to Tom for confirming the Lucy's is still present. I saw a plain gray bird with what looked like buffy underparts midstory in the same eucs along the N fence line this morning. It gave no vocalizations and my views given the lighting and marine layer were mediocre so I considered the sighting inconclusive at best.

The MacGillivary's Warbler continued at the west end of the Island slough.

My best bird of the day was a Loggerhead Shrike midway between Talbert Lake and Gothard. A very unexpected bird for the habitat.

I also had a total of 6 Willow Flycatchers around the park - 2 in the Jack Green area, 2 along the north fence line east of the Slater lot, 1 in Loren's Ditch, and 1 in the unnamed slough to the south of Loren's Ditch.

Hopefully some good vagrants will start showing up in the park soon.

Roger Schoedl
Huntington Beach
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