Date: 9/4/17 3:45 pm
From: Derek Courtney <derek.dana.courtney...>
Subject: Laughing Gull --- yes
Hi all,

First off, congrats and thanks to Kyle Carlsen and Mollee Brown for a great
find and getting the word out quickly this morning!. I think this has to be
the first Laughing Gull in the state in at least a decade (or my memory
could be pretty bad).

The chief news is the Laughing Gull is still around and was loafing on the
water on Tygart Lake out from Doe Run, just a little while a go when I
left. Here is what I have been able to piece together about the bird so
far, so that it may benefit those who try to chase tomorrow.

The bird spent a large portion of the day hanging out and being fed by the
boaters who were in the Cove Run area of Tygart today. Joe Hildreth may
correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think this area is feasibly bird-able
except by boat. The bird made at least two appearances off of the Doe Run
area late this morning/early afternoon where Steve Wilson was kind enough
to report it. The bird was seen briefly this evening at the marina (by me)
before it took off and headed south back toward the Doe Run area. I caught
up with the bird again by continuing south past the nature center to the
cabins/cottages area where this is (kind of) a trail that heads down to the
water and allows you to look across the lake toward Doe Run. The possible
advantage of this spot is that if the bird is loafing close to shore near
Doe Run but to the north you would be able to see it pretty easily. This
would be difficult (impossible) to see from the Boat Launch area unless you
crossed the Doe Run dam and even then, it could be tough to spot. The
disadvantage would be you are further away. You of course would not be able
to see the bird from that vantage point if it was actually in the Doe Run
impoundment. It is also a much shorter drive from the marina area.

Anyway, I am surprised the bird is still hanging out based on previous gull
experiences in the state. I hope others get to take advantage. Also, as a
note of common sense, respect the other people who are using the boat
launches, marinas, and cabins. Boat traffic should be decreased tomorrow by
a good margin so maybe this will make the bird easier to spot. Not sure
where the bird is roosting, but patterns and deduction would suggest either
one of the coves near Pleasant Creek or the Marina area. Hope this all
helps. Sorry for the length

Good birding,
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