Date: 9/4/17 3:04 pm
From: Range Bayer <range.bayer...>
Subject: [obol] Pacific Golden-Plover at Alsea Bay Spit on Sept. 3

On Sunday, Sept. 3, Marty and Jeannie Bray saw and Marty wrote with
the attached photo:

"This morning at 715 am, Jeannie and I saw a Pacific Golden Plover
along with 14 Black-bellied Plovers at Alsea Bay Spit. It was in the
low sparsely vegetated dunes west of the southernmost houses on
Oceania Drive. The birds were not feeding and it appeared they had
roosted overnight there. The birds were all rather skittish and we
found observing them from the higher dune ridges was best for viewing.
We left the area around 0830 and the birds were still there."

Range Bayer, Newport, Oregon

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