Date: 9/4/17 2:33 pm
From: Gmail <bhaunts...>
Subject: [wisb] Horicon Marsh
I spent the morning checking out various spots on the northern part of the marsh. The pump house pond has very little (!) water beyond the ditch. Six species of shorebirds were there (nothing unusual) and nothing when I returned later. After moving along 49 I decided to check the photo blind. Here there were 10 species of shorebirds including an always exciting Western Sandpiper. Other interesting finds were single Stilt and Baird's Sandpipers. There was a small migrant wave by the gate in the various trees around the main road.
Returning to the pump house pond I ran into Tom Wood. We had a great conversation, during which he mentioned that someone had e-mailed last evening a juv. King Rail by the red boulder on the Auto Tour Rd. I worked over there and walked along the road for about 20 minutes---nothing. Before returning to my vehicle I decided to clap. Surprisingly a King Rail responded immediately, calling once more several minutes later. Nice surprise.

I birded my yard this afternoon, adding several migrants, so that the day's total was 85 species. Nice to find that many considering how quiet the summer and early fall have been.
Daryl Tessen
Appleton,, WI

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