Date: 9/4/17 12:00 pm
From: Mary Coomer <000000afc163611c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Lebanon Co Northern Shoveler
This morning at State Game Lands 145 in Colebrook I had a  Northern Shoveler hen. This was a first for me at this location. If I'm looking at the eBird info right, it is also a first reported for this location. I almost dismissed her for a Mallard hen but decided to take a photo. When I zoomed in I saw it was a NOSH. Best seen from the S E end of the pond. Walked toward the pond on a cleared path off of the mowed path. However, I did not go up to, or past the restricted area sign.
There are many flycatchers there.  Some I can ID but I'm not good with a lot of them. 

Also, I saw a group of Canada Geese in a distant field seen well from the barn.  I started to count them and realized that none are moving.  They were decoys and hunters and dogs were in that area.  Waterfowl hunting is controlled by federal guidelines.  I believe it started on September 1.  If you go to PA State game lands to bird, be careful, respectful, and remember that the purchase game lands are made from the proceeds from hunting licenses and fees.

Mary CoomerPalmyra
Lebanon Co

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