Date: 9/4/17 10:37 am
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Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] 7 spcs Warbler & desecrating bike path, "Amherst State Park", Sunday
9-3-17, the Creek (Am.SP - entertaining pool party of 4 Redstart & 2 Magnolia simultaneously in ~3-4 square foot area of series of very small/tiny pools made by deer) -2 Magnolia Warbler1 Canada2 Chestnut1 Bay5-6 Redstart1 Ten1b Mourning - poor view but several distinctive calls. Same spot that Sal & Jim had one 2 yrs. (falls) ago - near creek ~75' E. of rivulet that borders the W. side of field on SW. side of creek. Do they nest hear?
1 Osprey
Do we really need a wide bike path from Reist St. (cutting through nice thick stuff & through above field) to the wood bridge?!?!? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! IS IT LEGAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I understand there was an agreement w/the Catholic church (former owners who gave it or sold it to NY State at a fire sale price to keep it totally wild. Simple foot paths are fine!!!!!!!! Can we stop the "construction" (ruination/abomination) & just let the already bulldozed area heal?! This is yet one more example of "often simplest is best" being totally ignored!!!!! Isn't there plenty of infrastructure... work needed in Williamsville/Amherst/NYS!?!?!?! These are only a few thoughts that come to mind!!!!
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