Date: 9/4/17 9:52 am
From: bruce dugger <bruce.dugger...>
Subject: [obol] RUFF no
Ruff not present this morning and there is no water remaining in wetland it was occupying. Time to look elsewhere.

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> On Sep 4, 2017, at 9:03 AM, Stephen Holzman <steveholzman2...> wrote:
> Thanks to Alan Contreras and others for helping us find the trail.
> I was having trouble navigating the ECAS page on my iPhone
> ( but had I been able to I
> would have learned that good directions are here
> I made a detailed map here if anyone is interested:
> B = the Dotterel Trail and D = the Deflation area where the Ruff had been seen.
> We didn't see the Ruff yesterday afternoon but we did get decent looks
> at an American Bittern, a couple photos are on the eBird list here:
> We are new to the state (moved here in June), and are thankful for all
> the help we got on OBOL. We had a great weekend at the shorebird
> festival in the Coos Bay/Bandon area and enjoyed meeting
> some Oregon birders.
> Cheers,
> Steve & Rachel Holzman
> (formerly of Athens, GA, now - Newport, OR)
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