Date: 9/3/17 8:12 pm
From: Tim Freiday <tim.freiday777...>
Subject: [de-birds] Middle Run BioBlitz 2017 - Results
Hello Fellow DE Birders,

Today’s BioBlitz at Middle Run was very productive, and over 200 different species of organism were recorded. 88 species of birds were recorded in the park, with 7 other avian taxa. Some highlights were 20 species of warbler including a Brewster’s backcross, Nashville, Tennessee, Blackburnian, Cape May, and Black-throated Blue and Green Warblers. We had birds everywhere we looked, and had some great views at some of them. The girdled Bradford Pears continue to provide quality looks at some real quality birds, with Redstarts, Tennessee, Magnolia, Black-and-white, and Chestnut-sided Warblers perching alongside much larger Brown Thrashers and Gray Catbirds. We also had a continuing Alder Flycatcher who pipped only a few times near Tri-State, and Veery were around today. A Common Nighthawk was flying around in the late morning surprisingly. All of the checklists for the day in chronological order are here:

There have been some excellent photos of some of the fall migrant warblers being posted on the Middle Run by the likes of Hank Davis and Derek Stoner. You can check out those pictures by following this link:

Around a 100 insects were identified at least to the family level with the help of UD entomologists Ashley Kennedy and Adam Mitchell. Some highlights from the arthropod realm include Spiny oak slug caterpillar, Hickory Tussock Moth, Locust Borer, Ornate Plant Bug, Cicada Killer, Green Darner and many more. There was a very bright Red Admiral Butterfly which must have just emerged. Participants learned about the food web of arthropods in our area, and got a glimpse of how complex it really is. Middle Run has a healthy mix of arthropods, with many predatory spiders and insects signifying an abundance of herbivorous insects. No wonder the birds like it here so much! It’s also not surprising that there are so many insects given the diversity and abundance of plants at Middle Run. At least 50 different species of plants were identified today, with many beneficial native species. Some are very showy and are flowering right now, like the Evening Primrose. We only found a!
handful of reptiles and amphibians today, but there were some high quality ones such as Black Racer, Garter Snake, and American Toad.

Today’s BioBlitz showed how truly special and utterly important Middle Run Valley Park is for the multitude of life that our region supports. From the local birds and insects to the long distance migrants that refuel here, to the people that come and unwind by taking in the natural world Middle Run is a true gem that we should all be grateful for. In appreciating the importance of Middle Run we are shown the importance of conserving natural lands everywhere, and we are called to action to protect our natural world.

Remember that this Tuesday marks the first Tuesday Morning Bird Walk of the fall 2017 season. These walks are free and open to the public, sponsored by New Castle County Parks and led by Delaware Nature Society Staff. Come join us as we appreciate birds and nature!

Happy Birding,
Tim Freiday
Middle Run Project Coordinator

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