Date: 9/3/17 6:35 pm
From: rob thorn <robthorn...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] urbanScioto,Columbus,9-03: Olive-sidedFlyc,CapeMayWarblers
I stopped at several parks along the Scioto River near downtown this morning, including Scioto Audubon, Lou Berliner, Marble Cliff bikepath, and Griggs Dam area. Migrants were not much in evidence, and I had to work for most of them, other than Pewees and Warbling Vireos. Still, there were some interesting birds about, including

Herons,Egrets - the Campbell Mound colony is finished, but there were still 6 Great Egrets around the Greenlawn dam, and small #s of Great Blue Herons at every stop.

Ospreys - single birds were at Lou Berliner Park and along the Marble Cliff bikepath

Caspian Tern - 1 was sitting on the shoreline above the Greenlawn Dam

Chimney Swifts - feeding flocks at most areas along the river, including 50+ at Scioto Audubon

Flycatchers - an Olive-sided was at Marble Cliff bikepath, while 2 Leasts were at Scioto Audubon, and Pewees were everywhere

Vireos - Warbling Vireos were at every stop; Lou Berliner Park had 3+. The only Red-eyed was below Griggs Dam.

Swallows - flock feeding on a midge hatch at Scioto Audubon included 30+ Barn, 25+ Rough-winged, 2 Tree, 1 Bank, and 1 Cliff

Warblers - still rather scarce, but did have multiple Cape Mays at 3 stops, including 3 at Scioto Audubon and Marble Cliff bikepath. Also had Yellow, Yellow-throated, Blackburnian, Redstarts, Magnolias, Com.Yellowthroats, and 1 Canada (below Griggs Dam)

Grosbeaks,Buntings - no grosbeaks, but had Indigo Buntings at several spots (Scioto Audubon, Berliner)

Orioles - only 2 Baltimores, early at Scioto Audubon


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