Date: 9/3/17 6:09 pm
From: Glenn d'Entremont <gdentremont1...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] 9/2/2017 Boston, MA Yearly Screech Owl Visit
Would not surprise me if this is a different one each year with perhaps being a young of the year. In late August/early September I find it is the easiest time to get screech-owls to call during the daytime as birds work out territories and are, perhaps, the most densely populated in these parts. My Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary walk Saturday had three; responding to my vocalization.


Glenn d'Entremont: <gdentremont1...> Stoughton, MA

> On September 2, 2017 at 10:45 PM "Matt S. " <accipiter22...> wrote:
> I thought some people may find this interesting, or at least amusing....for the fourth consecutive year, during the period between September 1 and September 7 I've had a screech owl visit my yard for one night only. I'm assuming it's the same one, and it doesn't stay long; it calls for a few minutes, and then disappears until next year. I never actually see it since it's up in the trees in my backyard, but I actually look forward to it now, I can mark the seasons by it.
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> Matt Sabourin
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