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Please note that the Redwood Region Ornithological Society has a trip out of Bodega Bay to Bodega Canyon and Cordell Banks next Sunday September 10. Space still available. $150 for members, $160 for non-members. For details check the RROS web site.

Gene Hunn, for RROS Pelagics
Petaluma, CA

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Subject: [CALBIRDS] Seabird activity, warm water - and new pelagic date

Hello all,

In this heat wave here in central CA, the ocean has started to warm up as well. The thermometer got to 68 F on Sept 1, at one of the offshore Monterey weather buoys. As I am hearing of some awesome seabird movements in Monterey, and having just seen several days of tens of thousands of Sooty Shearwaters (up to 50K!) right here at the beach in Half Moon Bay, I am thinking that the rest of September might be interesting offshore. We were finding Scripps’s Murrelet offshore regularly as was the case with Brown Booby. The elevated number of Buller’s Shearwaters were a sign of warmth offshore, and always a factor in increased probabilities for Flesh-footed Shearwater and who know, maybe even a Pterodroma petrel.

I am taking this weekend off from boat trips to be with family and enjoy the land life, but eager to get out next week. However our September trips out of Half Moon Bay had sold out. With this in mind, I have added another outing to the Pioneer Canyon on Friday Sept 22. This is a trip where we aim to head to deep waters, look for albatross, offshore murrelets, and storm petrels (Black showed up at this latitude the last few days, although we had them in Bodega in late Aug). For the rest of that weekend I will be doing trips in Monterey Bay. Pioneer Canyon trips spend part of the day in San Mateo County waters, and a good amount of time in the deep waters of San Francisco.

If you are keen on heading offshore, and had been thwarted by sold out trips, see you on the 22 nd .

I am eager to hear if anything interesting is going to be seen in San Diego with the passing of this tropical low. Never know. Certainly the weather here has had me watching over head for frigatebirds!

Good birding,

Alvaro Jaramillo


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