Date: 9/2/17 4:54 pm
From: Christopher McPherson <cmcpherson687...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Woodmont Orchard Dickcissel and the latest orchard conditions
There was a Dickcissel in the west orchard along with several BOBO this

For anyone planning to visit Woodmont Orchard this fall:

Woodmont Orchard in Hollis is undergoing a few changes that may discourage
birders so I wanted to provide an update and some tips on navigating the
recently added drainage "ditches" and latest field configurations. The
west orchard pumpkin field has been complete reconditioned with a major
drainage ditches and resurfacing. it can be challenging to cross the
ditches to get to the fields of wildflowers so I recommend choosing your
crossing wisely, the ditches are shallower the further uphill you go or
avoid the ditches all together and go around them!

The East and West orchard have not been mowed this year so much of the
vegetation is five to six feet tall. In the East orchard Woodmont Dr
offers the best access, the family who own the house in the east orchard
are birder friendly and have preserved 10 acres of orchard for
Pick-your-own-apples! Great place for Common Buckeye butterflies as well!
It appears all of the No trespassing signs have been removed from the lots
at the top of Woodmont Dr. so there is some access on the farm roads.

The West Orchard appears to have better habitat than ever, large fields of
wild flowers, grasses, pumpkins and other crops and the removal of the
aging apple trees has resulted in more grassland bird habitat than in years
past. There are very large brush pile at the top of the west Orchard, just
above the large pumpkin field where dozens of sparrows congregate, it's a
pleasant walk with plenty of Bobolinks along the way.

Good Birding

Chris McPherson
Brookline, NH

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