Date: 9/2/17 4:39 pm
From: <rickmac1...>
Subject: [obol] Fernhill GH Owl & Need Confirmation on Hawk ID (pics)
Hadn't seen the Great Horned Owl posted at Fernhill in a while. Was lucky enough to be looking at a mixed foraging flock (chickadees, etc.) at end of Dabbler's Marsh Trail, at farm road and the owl flew in. Startled me and the other birds. It then flew across the farm road and perched in another tree for 5 min. or so before taking off in direction of corn field. Pics on ebird list below.

Part 2: Probably a pretty straightforward ID on the hawk, I am assuming a Red-Tail, but a confirmation or correction would be great. Was up on high post across Fernhill Rd. over farm field. Blurry scope pics in ebird list.


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