Date: 9/2/17 1:23 pm
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Subject: [obol] Sauvie Island potential Little Gull
A few more details. The bird was on the sandbanks in the northern section
of the western arm of Sturgeon Lake. This area can be viewed from the
location known as the Narrows or from the opposite shore reached by walking
out to the area known as The Wash and heading south. This is where we
observed the bird from.

I first saw an adult hooded gull that I mistook for a Bonaparte's. When we
got closer, I noticed a yellow tip to the bill and realized it was an adult
Sabine's. Then I noticed a juvenile gull nearby, which i thought looked
smaller. I am unfamiliar with little gull juvenile plumage. The thought
crossed my mind, but I expected a young little gull to have a pale, gray
mantle with a black carpal bar. So I wrote it off as juvenile Sabine's.

Nick saw another adult and a juvenile Sabine's Gull in flight close by. In
retrospect I recall briefly seeing the small juvenile gull in flight at a
distance and recall that it didn't appear to have clean white wedges on the
wing upperside. I wasn't certain at the time whether juvenile Sabine's
show the clean white wedges at all ages, so I again wrote it off as
Sabine's. We saw the bird several more times, often swimming, but I don't
recall seeing it flying again. I do recall the bird still not jiving in my
mind completely with Sabine's gull. It actually appeared more suggestive
of a murrelet in the field than a gull. It was only after I studied my
poor digiscoped pics (Attached in earlier emails) after I got home and
referenced juvenile little gull photos that I realized we might have seen
one. I do hope someone can relocate it and get better photos!

Philip Kline

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