Date: 9/2/17 10:09 am
From: Dave King <daking55dk...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...>
Subject: [cobirders] Aurora Res, Arapahoe; Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Adams
Hello birders
Got to Aurora Reservoir, Arapahoe County when they opened at 6:00 am.  First looked at swim beach in morning light no gulls.  Hundreds of gulls at scuba beach at 6:25 am.  Juvenile Sabine's Gull and adult Lesser Black backed Gull.  Several other dark first year birds were interesting.  Photos to check later.  Gulls took off around 7:10 am when car full of scuba gear drove down to beach.
At Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Adams County  Four Sage Thrashers at mile 5.6 of wildlife drive.  Tree on south side of road at mile 6.1 had two Brewer's Sparrows and a Dickcissel.  Strange place for Dickcissel.  Two additional Sage Thrashers at mile 7.6 near Peoria and 88th avenue.  Three more before leaving wildlife area.  Many Vesper Sparrows, Lark Sparrows along drive.  near open gate with no cattle guard after mile 8 many sparrows included a savannah, two Clay colored, four Brewer's, many Vesper and one Grasshopper.  Two more Sage Thrashers after leaving southwest end of bison auto drive.
Did not find Eastern Phoebe at Westerly Creek Park, Denver.
Good Birding!
Dave KingDenver
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