Date: 9/2/17 9:45 am
From: Randy Bodkins <randybodkins...>
Subject: Black Tern/Tygart Lake/Taylor county
I saw a lone Black Tern this morning at the Tygart Lake Boat Launch near Doe Run. I was walking down the boat launch trying to find a phone signal so I could respond to one of those irritating day off work calls (without much success) and it flew right by me and on out into the lake. I went back to the truck to get the binoculars and it made one more pass by. I got a very good look at the dark gray wings (top & bottom) and the short light gray squarish tail. It headed towards the dam and I waited for it to never did. I went to the marina and saw nothing.

There is LOTS of mud NOW at both the Pleasant Creek WMA wetlands in Barbour County AND LOTS of MUD at DOE Run !!
I only saw a couple of Solitary Sandpipers and Killdeer. There was a Green-winged Teal at Doe Run.

Randy Bodkins
Norton, WV
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