Date: 9/2/17 9:08 am
From: Steve Long <steve.long4...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Help identifying a big, fat Hummer
I am experimenting with number and placement of Hummingbird feeders to try to get them to settle down and quit chasing each other away. When I put up a third feeder, somewhat more distant from the first two, the male Ruby Throat that guarded the tree where the other two feeders are located did not try to control the third.

To my surprise a noticeably longer and heavier looking Hummer took over that third feeder. I cannot identify it. It does not seem to have a green back, like all of the others. It is predominantly light and darker gray, with lighter undersides, including throat, and possibly the front top of its head, with no obvious throat markings. The back and back of head and area through eyes to beak is darker gray, but not very dark. There seems to be some white at the end of its tail. This bird gets harrassed by what appears to be either an immature male or a female Ruby Throat, but seems to dominate.

I will try to get a picture when conditions here inprove for photography, but, any ideas in the mean time?

Steve Long

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