Date: 9/1/17 10:04 pm
From: Paul Griffin <pgriffin1...>
Subject: Spoonbill
Hi Folks,

I decided today I needed a break from hummingbirds in Oak Park, so I zipped up to McPherson County late this morning. (From Wichita, I-135 to Mound Ridge Ks, West on Arrowhead RD through Mound Ridge, to eight miles West, at first stop sigh from Mound Ridge, which is 14th ave, turn left for 1mile, then turn right on Arapaho Rd going West, use10th and 11ave going North to Marshes about 1 mile). Thought I would instantly find the Roseate SpoonbillI and I arrived at 11:30 at the Big Sink Hole on 10 ave. I saw nothing. Eventually I found 5 Snowy Egrets at the Little Sink Hole, across the road to the East from the Big Sink Hole, with about a half mile walk East, along the weedy road along the dike, I had heard the Spoonbill was hanging around Snowy Egrets, but the Spoonbill wasn’t with them. Those Egret flew West out of sight. So I went West, to 9th ave and found the marshes over there, and the small lake just North of Arrowhead Rd, right next to 9th ave. Arrowhead Rd is incomplete for a few miles between 9th and approximately 11th ave, with marshes in it’s unused place. Some Egrets were there, but no Spoonbill. I wondered if the trees along that small lake, were where the Spoonbill was seen in the past. So I went back to 10th ave taking a long walk back into the marshes to the West. It looked to me the marshy area went all the way to 9th ave. I gave up after about a mile walk and went back to my car. I did see lots of Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Little Blue and Great Blue herons, even a few Pelicans and Ibis. As I was driving away going back to Wichita, I decided to make one check on 9th ave at the small lake, just North of Arrowhead Rd. Making a long story short, whoops, to late, I found the Spoonbill in the trees it was almost 2:30, at about one hundred yards, on the Westside of the lake. I was able to get some nice pictures and videos. I noticed this spoonbill doesn’t show much pink, and it’s head is totally white with green eyes. It would be difficult to ID from a distance, from all the other white water birds around the area. Maybe a 1st year immature. Although, it does show more pink under it’s wing when the wings are raised up, and it’s spoon bill is obvious if seen close enough.

Happy Birding,

Paul Griffin

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