Date: 9/1/17 11:35 am
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Subject: Re: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] FRNC – Indigo Bunting, migrants 26-27 Aug, 2017
Paula Theobald, Keith, and I birded the east side of FRNC this
morning before the heat drove us away. We didn't see most of the birds
Gary found a few days ago, but the Phainopepla was still there, on the
fence just east of the Committal Shelter.

On 8/27/2017 5:21 PM, Gary Nunn <garybnunn...>
[SanDiegoRegionBirding] wrote:
> Invested some early morning hours this weekend searching around Fort
> Rosecrans National Cemetery for migrants.
> Working the fence line bushes, pine tree tops, were Hermit (1),
> Black-throat Gray (2-3), Townsend's (3-4), 6 or 8 each of Yellow and
> Wilson's Warbler.  There was a single Willow Flycatcher in the southwest
> corner.  Also a hatch-year Phainopepla east of the Committal Shelter.
> Just west of the admin building, on the west side of cemetery, seeding
> grass heads have been left unchecked and in this area I found a
> juvenile/first-winter INDIGO BUNTING both mornings 8/26 & 8/27.  It is a
> bit of a mess, has no tail.  Easily located by loud "spit" calls.  Very
> shy though!
> Pleased to see that three new trees have been planted in the southeast
> section.  Smaller decorative types, couple of Jacaranda and a Cassia.
> Sadly the very large well shaped Ficus in "The Dip" has been taken.
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> Gary Nunn
> Pacific Beach
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Sara Baase Mayers
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