Date: 9/1/17 11:39 am
From: Craig Holt <0000005e41671c14-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] marbled godwit still at Conneaut
I birded Conneaut harbor from 7:00 to 12:15 today.  The marbled godwit was still there when I left, it's been present a week now.  If you go, beware of soft deep sand in the middle section of the drive out to the spit.  Two cars were stuck there on my way out.  Shorebird movement was very good, I tallied 12 species on the day.  Birds seen included: n. shoveler, 2 common mergansers, 103 double-crested cormorants, osprey, bald eagles, Am. coot, 4 semipalmated plovers, stilt sandpiper, 4 juv. ruddy turnstones, 19 sanderlings, 2 least sandpipers, an ad. white-rumped sandpiper, 3 pectoral sandpipers (first juv.), 5 semipalmated sandpipers, greater yellowlegs, 4 lesser yellowlegs, Caspian terns, belted kingfisher, and merlin.  Not a single swallow was seen.   Craig Holt, Lowellville, Mahoning Co.


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