Date: 9/1/17 8:59 am
From: <mcvetas...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Montrose Sep 1st AM - 3 jaegers
I highly entertaining morning at Montrose in Chicago, Cook, with strong east winds.

I arrived about 6:30 AM at the Wilson Ave. beach house. A good portion of the beach continues to be covered in water. About 6:35 AM all the gulls took to the air. From that vantage point, I spotted a Ring-billed or smaller sized dark morph juvenile jaeger zooming over the sailing beach and then continued NE out over Lake Michigan, flying like a rocket. I watched it in my scope as it quickly headed north. As is typically the case with a distant and brief look at this genus, I did not feel confident that I could positively ID it species. My impression of size, breadth of wing, all points me to Parasitic, but I had let that one go. After speaking with others on the beach, I apparently had just missed the first jaeger of the day, also moving south to north.

At this point, I joined forces with David and Fran, who had both missed the jaegers by minutes. On the beach, were Sanderling, Semipalmated Sandpipers and Plovers, and later a Baird's Sandpiper.

We moved to the eastern most point up top near the peripheral plantings and small tower to scan Lake Michigan to the south. Here we were joined by Larry Krutulis. After an hour or more of little activity, Fran and David departed. About 8:45 AM, a light morph jaeger came over the hedge area just to our north. It took us a few seconds to realize what it was as it was gliding toward the pier. Larry was able to snap some photos as it paused over the pier in front of us. I am very much looking forward to analyzing those photos, but we were able to discern the pale collar, pale base to the tail, barred under and upper tail coverts. Update on the species determination later (I hope).

Matthew Cvetas
Evanston, IL
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