Date: 8/31/17 9:58 pm
From: Arman Moreno <armanmorenobirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] Austin Area Rare Bird Alert
This is the Austin Area Rare Bird Alert and has been updated through
8/31/2017. To report rare or unusual bird sightings in the Austin area, provide
recent sighting updates, or inquire about location details on birds listed
below, please send an email to <armanmorenobirds...> If submitting a
bird sighting, please include species name, location details, and contact

-Rarities found this week-

A LONG-TAILED JAEGER was found at Hornsby Bend, Travis County, on 8/30 but
was only identified as a jaeger species. Positive ID was confirmed today,
8/31. The bird spent time on the eastern portion of Pond 2 but was also
seen on the west end as well. The bird continued through the evening. This
appears to be a 2nd county record, the first also from Hornsby in 1975.
**The roads around the ponds are narrow. As a courtesy to fellow birders,
please consider parking well off the road to allow others to pass.

An incredible amount of MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRDs were found throughout the
Austin Circle between 8/26 and 8/29. Birds were found in Travis,
Williamson, Hays, Burleson, Comal, Fayette and Llano Counties.

An adult SOOTY TERN was an fantastic find and was blown in from Hurricane
Harvey. The bird was at Decker Lake in Austin, Travis County from 8/27
through 8/28 but not seen since.

A SANDWICH TERN was an excellent spot at Decker Lake, Travis County, on
8/28. The bird was seen reliably in the morning and continued through the
early afternoon but was not seen again.

A juvenile SABINE'S GULL was found at Mansfield Dam Park on Lake Travis on
8/27 and continued through at least 8/30. The bird was reliably seen around
the jetty area on the north side of the park, past the boat ramp.

LEAST TERNs were found in good numbers throughout the area from 8/26-8/28.
The large numbers are likely attributed to Hurricane Harvey.

CASPIAN TERNs were also spotted at multiple lakes between 8/26-8/28.

ROYAL TERNs were found at Decker Lake (Travis), Granger Lake (Williamson),
and Lake Travis (Travis), Canyon Lake (Comal), Salt Lake Rd (Guadalupe) and
Belton Lake (Bell) between 8/27 and 8/28, pushed into our area by Harvey.
None of the birds continued past 8/28.

A WHITE-TAILED KITE was found at Mansfield Dam Park on Lake Travis, Travis
County, on 8/28. The bird has not been seen since.

A WHITE-TAILED HAWK was found near CR 232 and CR 266 in Hays County on 8/28.

A Juvenile SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER was found at Barkley Meadows, Travis
County, on 8/25 and continued through 8/28.

A female LESSER NIGHTHAWK was photographed at Friendship Park on Granger
Lake, Williamson County, on 8/28.

-Continuing bird(s) from previous weeks-

A BROWN BOOBY was spotted at Canyon Lake, Comal County, on 8/27. This is
likely the same bird that was spotted at this location earlier this year.

Three LEAST GREBE continues in Williamson County through 8/28 off
Parksville Way and Fairweather Way.

Arman Moreno
Austin, TX


*Reports for the Austin area RBA cover a 60-mile radius, centered on the
Capitol in downtown Austin. Bird sightings mentioned here have been
filtered and scrutinized by the compiler and are believed to be genuine.
Photo or audio documentation for species with challenging IDs will be
mentioned if they are known to exist. *

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