Date: 8/31/17 8:28 pm
From: Jim Edlhuber <jimedlhuber...>
Subject: [wisb] Whooping Crane juveniles, 7 of them training at Operation Migration - White River Marsh SWA Marquette/Green Lake 8/31/17, some images...
Hi all,
The Whooping Crane juveniles, 7 of them, have been in training at the White
River Marsh State Wildlife Area for the last couple of months. Karen S, a
birding friend of mine reserved the blind today and I was able join her for
the big event watching some of the training. The young Whooping Cranes
feed, and flew many times while we were there putting on some great shows.
Doug Pellerin, and Colleen Chase, joined by Brooke Pennypacker were great
hosts while the whooper show went on. The morning started out with low
cloud cover with temps at 50 degrees, breezes picked up after awhile, sun
peek out once or twice. It was a great experience today at Operation
Migration! I hope the Whoopers have a successful flight to the south when
it is their turn to migrate. Images were taken on August 31, 2017.

Some images from today's exciting event are at the link below if you care
to view them:


Thanks and good birding,

Jim Edlhuber
Town of Genesee Waukesha Co.

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