Date: 8/31/17 6:50 pm
From: <susan...>
Subject: RE: Attempted Hummingbird Predation
Dear David and All,

Rat Snakes can and do hunt hummingbirds. They sense (taste) the birds
around feeders and will use the sit-and-wait strategy. Successful
attempts have been documented. Wayne Irvin sent me an"after" photo a
number of years ago. It was not a good shot -- but one that he was just
barely able to get after running for the camera.

I have had (a) Rat Snake here moving in the Holly Tree toward a feeder
on more than one occasion in the last couple summers. I am confident it
was honing in on the birds since I have had zero other food-sized
critters on or around the sugar water.

Note that also Chinese Mantids, Bullfrogs, and Green Herons, among
others, have been seen taking hummingbirds in the eastern US.

Susan Campbell
Southern Pines, NC

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