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Here’s the report I mentioned -- from the birding hotline.


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> [texbirds] Sabine's Gull, Lake Travis (Travis Co.)
> [texbirds] Re: City of Mission passes resolution in oppositi
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> From: Justin Bosler <justin.bosler...>
> Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017 12:04:04 -0500
> Subject: [texbirds] Sabine's Gull, Lake Travis (Travis Co.)
> Hello all,
> Arman Moreno discovered a juvenile Sabine's Gull on Sunday, 27 August, at
> Mansfield Dam Park on Lake Travis. Despite being very difficult to pin
> down, it continues today. It appeared this morning at 9:17 AM, from the
> west, and worked the cove to the west of the point for a few minutes before
> flying back west and out of sight. It appears to have a pattern for
> foraging along the south shore of the lake in the morning and evening, at
> which point it makes its way as far east as the Mansfield Dam. I believe it
> was observed last evening after 7:00 PM. So within the 9 o'clock and 7
> o'clock hour will be your best odds.
> Across the lake at Windy Pt., the 4 Common Terns were actively flying back
> and forth along the shoreline, though relatively high off of the water. No
> Royal or Least Terns were detected during my short visit.
> Happy chasing!
> Justin Bosler
> Austin, TX
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> *Justin Bosler*
> Wildlife Biologist
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> Austin, TX 78735
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> From: <bertf...>
> Subject: [texbirds] Re: City of Mission passes resolution in opposition to the
> Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017 15:56:24 -0500
> I received a number of positive comments about my post, so I thought I'd add
> a few more details. Mission is not the only border city with such a
> resolution. I've been told there will be 8+ more resolutions by
> mid-September. Here are some published stories of resolutions already
> passed:
> "Brownsville City Commission passes resolution against wall" --
> html
> "Mission passes anti-border wall resolution"
> html
> "El Paso City Council 'denounces' border wall"
> il-denounces-border-wall/100028586/
> Eagle Pass City Council approves Resolution opposing President Trump's
> Border Wall Executive Order
> solution-opposing-president-trumps-border-wall-executive-order/
> Hidalgo County Commissioners Pass Resolution Opposing The Construction of a
> Border Wall
> solution-opposing-the-construction-of-a-border-wall/705145004
> If anyone wants to pass my comments on to other news agencies,
> organizations, or individuals, you have my permission.
> Bert Frenz
> Mission, TX 78572
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> Subject: [texbirds] City of Mission passes resolution in opposition to the
> border wall
> Texbirders,
> This afternoon the City Council of Mission passed a strong resolution "in
> opposition of building border infrastructure, including walls, levees or
> fences along the US-Mexico border."
> My wife and I attended the city council meeting this afternoon. The entire
> 1-1/2 page resolution was read before the council voted their approval,
> followed by enthusiastic applause by a standing-room only crowd of
> supporters.
> I have a printed copy of the well-worded resolution. It especially
> highlights its opposition to the isolation of historic La Lomita Chapel and
> the loss of revenue from ecotourism from The National Butterfly Center, The
> World Birding Center Headquarters and Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park.
> It states that many Winter Texans choose Mission over other locations for
> its unique attractions (that is why our home is in Mission). It recognizes
> the potential loss of seasonal revenues and taxes generated by popular RV
> parks, restaurants and attractions south of the proposed Wall.
> The resolution further states that "additional border infrastructure would
> do nothing to improve the effectiveness of deterrence, security, or any
> other justification used for the construction of the wall." It states, "The
> allocated resources for the infrastructure would be better utilized by
> providing more cost effective methods of enforcing immigration policies,
> such as technology and additional personnel."
> The next paragraph surprised me because I was not aware of how much land was
> involved. The resolution states, "the proposed border wall will leave
> hundreds of thousands of acres of US land on the other side of the wall, .
> The border wall would cut off large swaths of land and divide
> privately-owned property ."
> In another paragraph, it states, "the wall would cause serious environmental
> damage to the ecosystem of the Rio Grande Valley by increasing emissions,
> cutting off natural water flows, and disturbing wildlife migration routes."
> The resolution passed unanimously.
> Bert Frenz
> Mission, TX
> <Bert2...>
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