Date: 8/31/17 11:13 am
From: Donna Collett <dcollett57...>
Subject: Sooty Terns? Beaver County
While birding Raccoon Creek State Park a flock of 20 or more birds circled
overhead. They where dark on top, angular winged large terns with forked
tail and white below.
I have never heard of Sooty Terns in the area but couldn't see anything
else in guide for dark terns other than Black Terns and they don't have
forked tail, only notctop and are too small. Could they have been blown
here by weather ? They headed northwest of Route 18. An OMG moment!
I was looking at a small flock of Magnolia and Canada Warblers when the
spectacle occurred.
Donna Collett
Beaver County
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