Date: 8/31/17 4:33 am
From: Bruce Carl <hrdabrd...>
Subject: Shorebirds Lebanon County
There are currently (11) species if shorebirds at the reistville flooded
field along rt 501. They include 2 Wilson's Phalarope, 1 short billed
dowitcher (I'd by posture and call), 10 stilt Sandpipers, 4 pectoral
Sandpipers, 2 Solitary Sandpiper, 1 Greater yellowlegs, 66 lesser
yellowlegs, 20-25 killdeer, 1 semipalmated Sandpiper, about 20 least
Sandpipers, 2 semipalmated plover and a young Peregrine Falcon has been
here now making passes over the pond.

Bruce A Carl
Akron / Lanc. Co.
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