Date: 8/31/17 12:07 am
From: Tad Finnell <tadcipiter...>
Subject: [texbirds] Lafittes Cove 8/30/17
Spent about two hours midday at Lafittes today, and was
pleasantly surprised at the number and variety of species.
The north winds haven't cleared the area out yet.
Black & White, Canada (2), Yellow-throated, Yellow, N. Parula,
American Redstart, and Hooded were the warblers seen.
There were at least two Cuckoos, Painted Buntings,
Gnatcatchers, and flycatchers in abundance, including
Least, Yellow-bellied, Alder, Peewee, and Ash-throated.
The Sanctuary looked great due to the fact that there had
been a huge amount of work done thinning the understory,
along with some restructuring of the viewing lanes at the
main water feature. The walkways showed signs of Harvey,
with lots of branches and leaves covering the pavement.
Those with knowledge of who maintains the Sanctuary
might pass on the fact (hopefully it is known about already)
that there is a bad break in the waterline beside the
sidewalk in the north loop of the figure 8 walkway, almost
directly across from the main water feature. There is a LOT
of water flowing!
Tad Finnell
Lake Jackson
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