Date: 8/30/17 6:44 pm
From: Carole Winslow <cjwinslow94...>
Subject: Clarion Co- large nighthawk movement
I was interested to see the reports this evening on nighthawks, as I got
home from work a short while ago and got a call from fellow Clarion Co
birder Mal Hays. He has been doing nighthawk migration counts on the
Clarion River north of Clarion at Mill Creek. The highest count so far had
been somewhere around 40 birds, and when I was there with him on Monday
evening I saw 13. However this evening, there was a huge increase of birds
and his estimate for the hour and a half of counting was 236. He believes
he saw actually over 400 birds but in trying to not double count, his best
estimate of individuals was lower. Either way, a great count of nighthawks
for the county ! To my knowledge, no one has ever monitored the Clarion
River for nighthawks before, so fascinating to see the types of numbers he
has had.

On a separate note, he has had a whip-poor-will calling several evenings
just at the end of the count, and I was fortunate to hear it Monday evening
just starting to call as I left around 8:20 pm.

Carole Winslow
Sligo, Clarion Co.
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